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The word communication has Latin roots and means “to share”. It is the act of conveying intended meanings from a sender to a receiver using mutually understood signs and semiotic rules. The channel of communication is usually visual, auditory and tactile, electromagnetic, or biochemical. We all know that human communication is unique due to its extensive use of abstract language. The development of civilization has been closely linked to progress in telecommunications. Although this is a simple definition, when we think about how we might communicate, the subject becomes much more complex. This tends to occur whenever there is a communication leak or an absence of communication when there should have been some. Communication is crucial if we want to avoid misunderstandings, overcome challenges and complete jobs optimally.

At Sika, we have to be good communicators at all times. For the construction of a 10,000 m² luxury lodge in New Zealand (p.15) at a remote location, communication was key. The quality of the products and applications is of course paramount, and the build quality has to be as exceptional as the location. But multiple independent tiling contractors worked with numerous staff and at one point over 60 tilers were on site at the same time, necessitating constant and accurate communication from Sika.

Without training, communication and careful collaboration, no project would ever work out, regardless of how good the products were. Building a bridge in Scotland, applying flooring systems throughout Trieste Airport in Italy or building a cultural center plus opera house in Athens – all these are further examples illustrating that it is never just about applying high-quality products, but also about on-site communication between everyone involved.

Yours sincerely,
Astrid Schneider

"At Sika, we have to be good communicators at all times." Astrid Schneider, Marketing & Communications Manager, Sika Services AG

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Alessandro Negrini, Product Engineer Flooring & Coating, Sika Italy

Product Engineer Flooring & Coating
Sika Italy

Thanks to our continuous technical support on site and the great technical performance of the Sika ComfortFloor system, we created a trusting relationship with the owner. For me it was truly a great learning experience as well as a nice challenge for Sika Italy.

Evi Salta, Technical Support Engineer, Sika Greece

Technical Support Engineer
Sika Greece

Being part of the support team for the SNFCC project was amazing, because of its magnitude and the specific environmental demand. We are proud, the project won the first LEED Platinum project in Greece!

Olympia Fraten, Marketing Manager, Sika Tanzania

Marketing Manager
Sika Tanzania

Working in Sika Marketing in a developing country like Tanzania, is a mind-blowing experience. Being part of a company, which provides sustainable solutions, exposes us to a world full of endless opportunities.

Ronnie Turner, Infrastructure Manager Refurbishment, Sika UK

Infrastructure Manager Refurbishment
Sika UK

Being involved in such an iconic and significant project as the Forth Crossing was a great experience. To be invited to prepare material specifications for some of this iconic structure’s most vital components is testament to Sika Refurbishment products and their long term performance, quality and durability.