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  • Sika® Raintite

    Sika® Raintite

    Waterproof your roof before raining season with Sika® Raintite

  • Roofing


    Liquid Applied Membrane / Naga World II.

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  • Concrete Admixture

    Concrete Admixture

    In 2015, Sika Cambodia opened its new factory in Phnom Penh to produce high quality concrete admixture. Our expert team ensures to bring technologies to the market that focus on the optimization of the costs, workability and durability of concrete throughout the production and application processes. Sika meets the needs of the concrete industry and remains the leader in concrete admixture in Cambodia.

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  • Building trust for 36 years

    Building trust for 36 years

    Successful and reliable since 1981 SikaTop® Seal -107.
    The global cementitious waterproofing solution!

    SikaTop® Seal 107
  • Reference Projects

    Reference Projects

    Find more about Sika reference projects in Sri Lanka: Altair Construction; Ceylon Beverages Can Factory, Horana, Outer Circular Highway - Kottawa to Kadawatha; RIU Hotel Ahungalle, & Southern Highway ..... ......

    Reference Projects in Si Lanka