We expect our team members to:

  • Be a positive role model for our colleagues and prove through our leardship that personal integrity and honesty are key elements of all Sika employees,
  • Support a speak-up culture of transparency and create a working environment where possible conflicts and critical issues can be addressed openely at an early stage,
  • Use our best effort to prevent violations also by supporting ongoing training for raising awareness of Sika's employees on compliance risks, also informally in regular meetings,
  • Report/escalated violations or reasonable concerns relating to bribery/corruption, unfair competition and other significant legal non-compliance cases (i.e. violations of environmental regulations and human rights) to the GM and the Group Compliance Officer, according to the incident Report Process.
  • Make sure that any suspected misconduct or non-compliance receives proper follow-up. Protect employees when reporting, in good faith.
  • Closely monitor compliance risks in critical processes and interaction with external stakeholders and take appropriate measures to avoid Sika being exposed to them.