Our promise

Sika provides the best solution in the fields of specialty chemicals for construction and industry in Sri Lanka to achieve international standard. We are committed to quality, service, safety and environmental care. Our world-leading branded products are all proven solutions and are based on our core capability.

Our values

Each product and service reflects our commitment to the three core values that define our company: Innovation - Consistency – Partnership.

Our voice

We speak from our experiences and with a global understanding. We talk knowledgeably about the local and geographical issues which our customers are facing. We respond to our customers quickly in an approachable and friendly way.

Responsibility for a sustainable future

As a leading supplier of specialty chemicals, we always bear in mind that safety and environmental protection are the first things we have to take care of. We ensure that all of our products are manufactured in line in appropriate standard system and we take the environment into consideration every step of the way in our production and safety measures. Sika acts in accordance with common values that form the basis for the company’s sustainable development.