Roofs are exposed every day to hazardous conditions and can be damaged and deteriorated over time. It is the most critical area of a building or structure which protects the users and interior from these hazards, and must be well-selected, well-designed and well-installed to be long-lasting without fail.
Each year, more than
100 million
square meters of Sika roofing membranes are installed worldwide.
*Source: EU commission & European Association for ETICS (EAE)
Born over
50 years
ago, Sika's roof systems such as Sarnafil®, Sikaplan®, Sikalastic® and SikaBit® are the most reliable and sustainable solutions of choice today.
Sika's technical professionals in over
countries around the world support customers daily to select the ideal roofing system to meet demands for longtime performance.

Benefits of Liquid-Applied Membranes

  • Fast, easy and safe application, reduced fire risk
  • Suitable for various types of structures and substrates
  • Lower risk of roof failure and longer life expectancy
  • Entrapped moisture can evaporate, no blistering
  • Design freedom with more color options
  • Improved energy efficiency for cool roofs and solar roofs
Construction workers applying Sikalastic-580 liquid applied membrane on the roof drone view

Benefits of Torch-applied Bituminous Membranes

  • Watertight material fully-bonded to the surface
  • Flexible system, maintaining its waterproof capacity without causing cracks
  • Resistant to the most extreme weather conditions
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • High resistance to mechanical damage and punctures
Bituminous waterproofing membrane